About Us



We are a team of professional drivers and we are quite experienced, we are several years in the transport of people and the tourist cycle..

Dreams for our satisfied customers, creation, development, innovation would not have become a reality if you do not invest in our fleet.
The modern fleet of TAXI NAFPLIO, consisting of vehicles brand Mercedes.

Our drivers are available to our customers always decent, serious looks and polite behavior. Everybody knows English, and have years of experience and knowledge on all routes and attractions of Greece.
For the safest and most complete movement of people, but also the
yours, our company offers highly trained staff and fleet of cars in perfect harmony with international standards, to deliver high quality services





About Us

We the people of TAXI NAFPLIO invite you to use our services in your everyday life.

It is our honor to our book and glad to hear your opinion and suggestions on the level of our services.

Our philosophy is identical to the requirement that all passengers have. Road movement as a service provided has to offer:

- Absolutely safe

- Strict consistency

- Indulgent comfort

- Absolute discretion


Contact Us

For more information please feel free to contact us.
We would be glad to answer your questions and help you to organize your stay in Greece.
21100 Nafplio, Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece


The Mercedes taxi Nafplio is fully air-conditioned and with leather interior. It seats up to 4 passengers plus the driver comfortably. The vehicle is equipped with ample space in the boot that provides a uncomplicated transport of luggage inside the vehicle. Cleanliness is very important for us just as the regular service of the vehicle. The vehicle is classified as public transportation and is smoke free.

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